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HDP provides replacement parts for KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS and PERKINS. Our parts are suitable for bulldozers, gensets, excavator, grader, loader and drilling rigs.


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Heavy Duty Products

Our Products

Engine, Hydraulic & Transmission Parts

HDP diesel engine components designed to perform in strenuous working environment

Piston Ring

Wear resistant piston ring tolerant to high pressure and friction.


Engine Bearing

Perfect material & geometry of HDP Main & Conrod bearing ensures less friction. Available in standard & large sizes.


Corrosion Resistant Liners manufactured with extreme precision.


Oil Pumps

HDP oil pumps are designed with Japanese technology to maintain optimum oil circulation in your engine.

Hydraulic Pumps

Maximise your machine output with HDP hydraulic pumps

Our Products

Undercarriage Parts

HDP gives you optimum quality undercarriage parts which are interchangeable
with OE assembly providing Heavy Duty performance.

Idler and Sprocket

HDP fatigue resistant Idler and Sprocket could endure extreme working environment


Track Chains

Made from special cast steel and mass heat treated for maximum structural life under extreme working conditions


Track Shoes

Meet the highest performance standards with drastically reduced wear.


Track Roller

Track Roller with wear resistant seals allows optimal performance of chain.

Our Products

Ground Engaging Tools(GETS)

HDP Ground Engaging Tools maximize your performance with minimum operational cost.

End bits

HDP wear parts stand to your toughest demands.


Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge with excessive hardness suitable for tough and rocky terrain.



Manufactured with high specs alloy steel and heat treated for optimum strength.

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep good products

We strive to maintain your machinery in all time operational condition by providing high quality parts at competitive price.

We are best in the field

HDP supply high quality spare parts for earthmoving machinery, diesel engines and drilling rigs. Our products are suitable for leading machine makers like KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS and PERKINS.


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Our Products
Your most reliable partner for fuel injection system covering nozzles,
injectors, plunger and barrel, delivery valve.


Complex grinding task is achieved with state-of-the-art precision grinding German technology.


Fuel Injection System Parts

Fuel Injection system parts are manufactured with fine controlled parameters, helping it to achieve most accuracy under 0.3 micron.

Our Products
HDP supply drilling tools and equipment for Reverse Circulation, Direct Circulation and Down the Hole (DTH) drilling rigs. Our drilling parts range include hoisting equipment, drill pipes, drill bits, hydraulic motors and mud pump parts. HDP also supply drilling rigs, made by DANDO Drilling International. The Rigs are suitable for water well, mineral exploration, geothermal, and numerous other applications

Drill String

Ensure maximum life of your drill string with HDP accessories


Drilling Bit

API certified drilling bits suitable for medium, hard and soft formation


Drilling Rigs

DANDO drilling rigs suitable for water well drilling, mineral exploration, geothermal and multiple applications

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